Hallmark Channel's The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating

January 5th, 2023

The Hallmark Channel has become something of a quiet phenomenon in the world of entertainment, and recently I got snagged into one of their first movies of 2023 -- The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating. It features a rebellious black pug named Simon as he viciously tangles with a love interest of his owner. This suitor, also named Simon, has to tame the pug so he can woo the woman owner in his favor. Now that was a bit too intriguing to pass up, so I gave it a watch.

I found the movie to be thoroughly entertaining. Good story, dialogue, casting, no sleaze, very little of the usual propagandizing that has become so normal in so-called "casual entertainment". . .it was all surprising. Finding something on television these days is a major gamble, and I can't speak for the entirety of The Hallmark Channel's programming, but The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating was good. I say more pugs in movies.

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